16 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Mom will Love

Mother's Day with the kidsKids playing on Mother's Day


Being a mother is one of the most rewarding, all consuming, most difficult yet amazing journey you will ever experience. SO no wonder why Mother’s Day always seems to sneak up on me! When my husband asks what I would like for the holiday, I for some reason give him this blank stare and forget the many good Mother’s Day gift ideas I came up with during the year!

Luckily, this year, I wrote down my ideas so I wouldn’t forget! (Aren’t you happy Thomas! 😉)

Below are some Mother’s Day gift ideas for every budget.

1. A cozy robe: After a long day and the kids are in bed, there is nothing more relaxing than throwing on a cozy robe and cuddling up in bed or on the couch. You never realize how much your mom does until you have kids of your own and trust me – it’s a lot! If you’re on a budget, this soft robe is so comfortable as well and I love this robe too ! If your mom is a little more fancy, I LOVE this long silk robe by Oscar de la Renta.

2. Comfy pjs: Along with #1, what is more relaxing than a comfortable pair of pajamas? These here are perfect too. If your mom tends to get warmer at night, these here are super cute!

3. Her signature fragrance: There’s nothing more memorable and comforting than your mom’s perfume. I get a whiff of the scent and it instantly brings me back to my childhood! Get her a bottle of her staple perfume or one she always saves for special occasions. Here is another perfume that is one of my favorites!

4. The bag she would never buy herself: I swear by my Neverfull bag, and if you are in a position to splurge, who better to splurge on than your mom? My husband knows I have a hand bag problem… you should see my closet! In all honesty, I would do anything for a Birkin… it’s my weakness! Obviously not practical for right now 😉, but a girl can dream! Here are some other hand bag options that are a bit more practical and your mom will love! And since I can write a whole blog post about hand bags, travel bags, beach bags, wallets, ect. I will stick with a style that I think every woman should have in their closet, and that’s an awesome tote! This Kate Spade Tote is perfect. I also love this Tory Burch Tote! I can’t forget to include this Rebecca Minkoff Tote as well. It’s edgey but chic. I also feel you can’t go wrong with the classic Longchamp bags. They are great gifts. If you’re on a budget, I LOVE this bag and think it would make an awesome gift too!

5. Sunglasses: I actually need and want a new pair of sunnies! (hint hint 😉) I always feel a new pair of shades makes for a great gift. I’ve been loving the bright colored shades. I also LOVE these hereIf you are looking for more of a traditional style, these here are perfect. I love the classic black sunglasses look.

6. The Perfect Sandal: I think the Tory Burch Sandals are an excellent gift! I love the black patten leather, sand patten, or the vintage vanchetta leather. Maybe go in with a sibling if it’s a tad out of your budget. If you want the Tory name, but a decent price, her flip flops would be an awesome gift too! View my Top 6 Picks for Summer Sandals for more inspiration.

7. Spa Day – I didn’t link anything, because you can just use your local spa, but how perfect would a spa day be for your wonderful over worked mother? Being a mother myself, getting some alone time and YOU time is a rarity, so a spa day is a perfect gift!

Check out a few more great Mother’s Day gift ideas below and share some of your favorite ideas for Mother’s Day gifts! For some other great fashion tips from this week, check out my article on whatever.



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