Posts From the monthly archives: "April 2017"

It’s date night! I think it’s so important to have date night with a significant other. When you have little ones at home or are just busy with work, the day to day becomes so routine and it’s important to make your relationship a priority. My husband and I go out, just…(Read More)

Between the blog, being a wife and mom, plus all the other titles I hold, my days are crazy! Tom’s schedule is the same way and if he gets home at a reasonable hour, our down time usually consists of binge watching netflix or HBO. So since our weeks are always hectic we try…(Read More)

  No, I’m not newly engaged. I’ve actually been married for almost 6 years to the love of my life, however, recently my engagement ring was crushed (literally crushed) while on my finger. It was the weirdest situation because my ring is platinum, well made, and of high quality so I still don…(Read More)

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