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It’s just about that time of year again when every woman starts their search for the perfect suit. The selection is so overwhelmingly expansive making it difficult to pick. The different styles, colors and patterns can leave a girl kind of dizzy. When I’m out shopping for the perfect suit, I try to…(Read More)

 Dress your maxi up with a chic clutch and black wedges: Dress your maxi down with a beach hat, beach bag, flip flops and/or sandals:   Striped dresses should be a staple in everyone’s closet plus it’s a nice break from the floral trend that is seen everywhere this season! When I…(Read More)

The other day I over heard two women talking and one of them looked like she had been crying. I heard her whisper ” My 2nd is now 18months (1 1/2 years old), and I still can’t look in the mirror. I’m still trying to accept the new me after my kids, but…(Read More)

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