Posts From the monthly archives: "April 2017"

When Friday rolls around I love to get out of my work out gear, treat myself to a blow out, and either hit the town with the hubby or curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and the family to watch a movie. Either way, I love finding that awesome Tee that…(Read More)

Let’s be honest, 99% of the time I’m usually in athleisure apparel aka work out clothes. It’s comfortable, you can sweat in it, it’s easily cleaned, it looks good, it’s movable, you can work out in it and also do your day to day while looking fashionable. It’s everything…(Read More)

These girls are my life. They are the reason for everything I do. My children are what motivate me and they make me want to be better. When I look at them I see a little bit of myself (which is scary 😜) but I also see all their potential and strengths. If only we…(Read More)

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