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Mom Guilt is for Real

I’ve heard my mom mention it before, but I never truly understood it until I had kids. Mom guilt is for real, but WHY do we do it to ourselves?? It really can ruin someone’s self esteem or happiness. Being a mother is hard enough, so why do we add the extra pressure…(Read More)

We have all been there. It’s night, you’re getting ready for bed, and you set your alarm to work out in the morning. Our intentions are true and we honestly believe we will be waking up at 6am to work out. But when it actually comes down to crunch time, we all have…(Read More)

I love getting my nails done and I’m very particular about the colors I choose. I generally stick to neutral tones unless I’m going somewhere tropical. In which case, I pick a deep but vibrant color that pops. My absolute favorite nail color is Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI. I wear it…(Read More)

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