An Attempt at Singing Foolish Games

First singing video of 2020!

Attempted Foolish Games by Jewel today but those little people that live with me kept interrupting… 😬 so I ended up with this video!

I had to finish this song because my 2nd Goal of the new year is to take action by just singing! My main ambition is to get my butt back into the art of singing and performing. I’m doing this by singing a song every day (with or without interruption 😉) and I’m taking an acting class in the city which will lead to auditions.

I’ve realized I am very fortunate to be surrounded by many successful people in my life, and what I’ve learned is that on order to become successful, you need to to create opportunity. You need to take action. Acting and singing and performing is all I have ever wanted to do from the time I can remember.

So I refuse to allow the perception that I am no longer worthy of pursuing my dreams because I’m married and chose to have 3 kids close together at a young age. I know I’m meant to entertain people. I know I have a talent. And I know I need to use it. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to sing.


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