Baby Number 3 – Officially Outnumbered

10 weeks! Fact: You show much earlier in your 2nd pregnancy and even more so for your 3rd pregnancy than you do for your first time around.

YUP! It’s official… Baby number 3 making his/her debut March 2018 and we are just as shocked as you!

Now that the shock has worn off, we are truly excited and blessed to be expanding our crazy wonderful family. It may have happened a little quicker than we had planned, but like they say “when you make plans, God laughs”.

Since I will be documenting this journey, what better way to start off then from the beginning of how it all happened. 😉  But before I get into the details, I wanted to reiterate the purpose of this blog as the following information is very personal. I created this space for fashion inspiration, motherhood advice, an outlet for my creativity, but most importantly, I created this platform for people to come and be inspired. My intention is to share my own personal stories in hopes of motivating, inspiring or enlightening  just one other person in this world to help them in their own journey of life.

SO on that note, here is the 1st chapter of creating baby number 3.

The Beginning.

Tom and I want a big family and we always wanted our children close together. Vivienne and Eleanor are 19 months apart and now Eleanor and baby #3 will be about 20 months apart! We are certainly living up to our original plan. 👍

We intended to wait on baby #3 until we had a bit more clarity regarding our living situation. Long story short, we may have the opportunity to move back home, and if that is so, I did not want to be pregnant moving my whole family across the country. (Stay tuned for more on that story!)

As you know, we have 2 beautiful girls. They are the best things that have ever happened to us and I cannot imagine life without them; however, for our 3rd, we would absolutely love to add a little boy into the mix. I have a handful of friends that have gotten the book “How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby – Revised and Updated” by Landrum B Shettles, M.D., PH.D., and David M. Rorvik. This book essentially helps you achieve the gender  you are hoping for with proven scientific methods. It honestly is a very interesting read and I highly recommend it. 6 of my friends tried this method, and 5 got the gender they actually wanted! Some people think it’s a load of crap, but others swear by it. Tom and I thought, if you have a 50/50 chance in gender, why not try these methods to possibly increase our chances in achieving the gender we would like? If it ended up being another girl, we would truly be just as thrilled so there really was no down side.

In this book, they stress that the most important factor in gender selection is knowing exactly when you ovulate. It’s all about timing. There are other methods you implement along the way, but the most crucial factor is timing. They also recommend tracking your ovulation cycle for at least 6 months to achieve an accurate calendar. Consequently, if you are taking birth control, you need to come off the pill on order to track your cycle.

I loved the idea of getting my cycle back to normal and for me to start tracking my natural rhythm. I also thought there was just no way I would “accidentally” get pregnant. I’m not 19 anymore aka I’m not an idiot. Of course I’ll be “smart” along the way… (Sense the sarcasm in my tone 😉 )

Regardless, the time line for me was perfect. We could start trying for baby #3 in about 6-8 months. It all sounded good in theory…

Stopping the Pill.

Well ladies, I came off of BC the very end of April and had my last period on the pill. Without getting into too much detail, I never again got my period. I obviously took a pregnancy test the end of May when I missed my period, but it came out negative. This was a relief because we were going to Italy in the beginning of June! (See Traveling Through Italy) When I STILL did not get my period I of course took another test right before leaving for Italy which was around June 5th. When that test also read negative my nerves were immediately calmed and I again felt relief because I knew I would be able to really enjoy myself on our amazing trip that we had planned. I just assumed my natural cycle was getting use to being off of the pill and that my period will eventually make its visit.

I mean, I brought ALL the supplies on this trip and was completely prepared! I fully expected to get a bad one since most of mine are just horrible when I’m off of the pill BUT nothing came! I honestly forgot about it since we were literally living in a fairytale dream all around Italy. I do remember getting slight cramps one night and thinking oh no, here it comes, but it never made its visit! Looking back, that light cramping was probably when I ovulated; however, in my defense, ovulation wasn’t even on my radar since I never got my period… ugh, what a dummy!

That Feeling You Don’t Forget.

When we returned from Italy, the following weekend we were at the pool with some friends. We were all drinking and having a great time… I mean it was a beautiful summer day! I only had a few sips of my drink and started to feel a little queasy. I thought, maybe I just didn’t have a big lunch, so started eating some chips and dip. Took another sip of my champagne and literally thought I was going to throw up. I put my drink down, tried jumping in the pool, but just couldn’t shake this queazy feeling.

As we were getting ready to leave, I looked at Tom and said “Babe, I don’t feel well. I couldn’t even finish one glass of champagne.” He kind of gave me this shocked look and then it hit me… I STILL haven’t gotten my period. I knew we were thinking the same thing and both of our faces went white. Once we got home, the nausea continued, and that morning sickness feeling hit me like a ton of bricks. I KNEW I had to be pregnant. You just don’t forget that feeling. So the next morning I woke up, took a test, and sure enough it was POSITIVE.

Once the Shock Wore Off.

We truly are blessed that we are able to conceive so quickly. With the first two it also happened within the first month of trying. I truly understand how blessed we are and I do not take that for granted. I love being a mother and eventually want 5 children (yes 5!). So though this 3rd pregnancy is a bit of a shock, it is part of the bigger plan… it just happened much quicker than we had anticipated. Once the initial shock wore off and it started to set in, we really couldn’t be more excited. In the grand scheme of life, what is 6 more months?

The Gender is…

We came off of birth control to track ovulation and follow the method of the famous book “How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby – Revised and Updated” by Landrum B Shettles, M.D., PH.D., and David M. Rorvik. I was very excited to at least try this method, but ironically, we ended up getting pregnant on our own terms and unfortunately were not able to follow the book’s theory. Like the saying goes and as I mentioned above:

When you make plans, God laughs.

Trust me, we are DYING to know the sex, but we will honestly be happy no matter what the gender. Seeing our girls’ relationship is one of the greatest blessings in life and if another girl is added, I can only imagine the bigger bond they will all form, especially being so close together in age. If it’s a boy, of course we will be excited and my husband and I will finally get a son. You truly win on both sides. We will be blessed no matter what the outcome.

With that being said, it’s still fun guessing! I will say this pregnancy has been BEYOND different compared to my first two pregnancies. With the first two, I was nauseas 24/7. It NEVER went away until about 23 weeks which is way into the 2nd trimester. I felt miserable. Food was disgusting to me and if I saw meat or even got a whiff of it, I would be in the bathroom. Both pregnancies were the exact same; however, this pregnancy, is totally different. I am only nauseas when it’s around meal time and once I eat, the nausea goes away. I am hungry 24/7. I CRAVE protein and salt and nothing seems to satisfy this hunger feeling.

The one similarity between all my pregnancies is the dreaded 1st trimester exhaustion. It is the exact same for all three pregnancies and it is difficult with two young girls. I am just trying to push through until that boost of energy comes in the 2nd trimester. In short, the major difference with this pregnancy is the way I feel. I am just enjoying this time around so much more because I’m not sick! Ultimately all pregnancies are different and until we know the gender, we won’t really know until the doctor says “It’s a ____”.

We will be finding out the sex before the delivery, therefore, we will be knowing the gender in the near future and we are SO excited. Maybe we will start a poll…?

Regardless, time will tell what the gender will be, but we trust in the greater plan and will be thrilled with another baby girl or our first baby boy. Children are gifts from God and we cannot wait to meet this little human.


Motherhood is one of the greatest challenges in life but it’s also one of the most rewarding. I can get all sappy and go into what it means to be a mother, but I’ll leave you with some very wise words I was once told:

“This part of life is a season and this season will soon pass. Enjoy it while it’s here. The babies, the diapers, the sleepless nights, the planning and scheduling, the hectic chaos you call life. The days are long but the years are short. Enjoy today mama – it will all be over before you know it. Relish the charms of the present because this season in life will soon pass.”

So screw plans! Don’t wait to have kids. Don’t wait to expand. Don’t over think it. When you’re in it, you’re already in it! There is never a perfect time to have a baby.

As I said, we want 5 kids and number 3 happened a bit quicker than we had planned but we are so excited. We are already in the thick of parenthood so what’s one more? We will have 3 kids 3 and under and we are just soaking up every second in this chapter of our life.

In short, enjoy whatever season of life you are in and stay present in the moment. It all goes by so fast.

I cannot wait to meet this little human I’m growing inside and I’m also so excited to share this incredible journey with you all. ❤️

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