Cheat Sheet on How to Style Your Hair Quickly Throughout the Week

I don’t have the time to wash, blow dry, and then curl or straighten my hair every day. All in, that would take me about 2 hours and that’s not even including the added time of the endless interruptions from my kids or even husband. So here are a couple of my tips on how to have beautiful hair through out the week.

    • Tip 1 – Get a blow out! On Fridays, I treat myself to Dry Bar. It’s a fun hair salon that specializes in just blowing out and styling hair. It’s quick, affordable, and a fun atmosphere. You can even have a pre cocktail drink while getting your hair done. I go alone or a bring a friend and it’s a great way to start the weekend. PLUS your hair looks amazing in about 30mins.


    • Tip 2 – Make your blow out last! I purposely start off with tighter curls so during the weekend it falls to a more looser looking curl. Lots of light weight hair spray and DRY SHAMPOO. It’s the best hair product for busy people. Dry shampoo takes away the grease and leaves your hair smelling great. It’s literally like you washed your hair with just a couple of sprays. Here is my favorite. So when you need to take a shower, you put your hair in a bath cap, quickly rinse off, and when you get out, your hair is already styled and done. My hair is thick so I can generally make my blow out last until Monday…sometimes Tuesday!


    • Tip 3 – Buy an awesome hat. When you’re blow out is on the fritz re curl or straighten the ends, and just wear the hat. It also works if you just took a shower and you don’t have time to style your hair. This hat is so cute and makes an outfit look so chic and trendy.


    • Tip 4 – When in doubt, put it in a bun! There are so many ways on how to make a cool bun. A messy bun looks stylish and modish, but has an effortless feel and goes with any styled outfit (casual or dressy).


  • Tip 5 – Repeat tip 1 and enjoy.


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