February Wish List

At the beginning of each month will be my monthly wish lists. I always have a running wishlist, and I get a lot of people asking what I love or what the latest trends are so I thought it would be fun to share my wish lists  as a blog post! I wanted to do one for January, but everyone in my house was so sick and we are JUST feeling better! So here is February’s Wish List. On it, there are some things that I have and some things that I want.

Everything is linked below.

My Wish List – The Must Haves

Yeti Coffee Mug – I just purchased this today! My friend has one and she swears by it! Apparently her coffee is STILL hot after leaving it on the counter and forgetting about it like us mother’s usually do! I am constantly reheating my coffee so I am excited to give this mug a try! BUT be sure you are taking the black rubber piece off the lid to clean it, or else mold could build-up. (I also have this one for my cocktails on the beach and water next to bed and my drinks are always ice cold!)

Gucci Bag – I mean… do I need to put a reason why this is on the list? ❤️

No Show Socks – These are my favorite no show socks for botties, cute sneakers, or any shoe you need to wear a sock with! I wear these with my GG sneakers.

Faux Fur Jacket – I love this fake fur jacket. It looks real and I love the style. You can wear it casual or dressed up!

Black Jacket – I want this black jacket SO badly. I love the way it looks and hear that it’s extremely warm.

Amazon EchoAlexa is my bff. I say grocery lists to her, reminders, alarms, timers for cooking, music, the kids talk to her all the time too. I love my Echo, but I have the first Echo ever made. I love it, but hate the chord so I really want this one because you don’t need to plug it in like the one I have.

Stroller OrganizerIf you’re a mom and have a stroller this is a MUST.

Portable Charger Life savor! Being a blogger I am always on my phone and computer, and when I am on the go this charges my phone quickly.

Golden Goose Dupes for kids – Everyone is talking about these and I just ordered both my daughters a pair. They are SO cute and look like the real thing!

Golden Goose Sneakers – My favorite sneaker.

Lingerie (for V-Day) –  I love a good lingerie for Valentines day, but I also love the way this looks. It’s sexy but chic and the vintage appeal is beautifully done. You can also wear this under a cami or sweater or shirt for a bralette.

Tote Bag Organizer– I have a diaper bag, but I also have my designer bags that I love to accessories with and I hate throwing all the kids stuff in it. This is a life savor even if you’re not a mom! There’s nothing worse than the black hole that toes become, and this will keep all of your totes totally organized.

Vintage Sweatshirt – Obsessed.

The Silk Pillow Case – I have read all the studies that show what you sleep on matters for your skin health and aging. They recommend sleeping on silk. There is a brand that I love, but the price is crazy and I found this one on amazon. For that price, everyone should have a silk pillow case!


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