Follow Your Mama Instincts – My Experience

I’m not a first time mom. I have 3 children each 19 months apart. I don’t stress about the small things. I don’t jump up the second I hear them cry cause I know when it’s a “real” cry vs need to cry it out a bit. I don’t know their poop schedules nor do I care and if the paci falls on the ground there is the 5 second rule. My doctor says when he has a message from me, he calls me right back because he knows I don’t call about the small stuff.

The past 2 weeks, I have been at the doctor’s office 4 times. Each time my kids went in, the doc said they just have a virus (besides Eleanor who had a double ear infection). But I had a gut feeling this wasn’t your typical virus. I know my children and I know the type of mom I am. Every night I have heard my children cough and cry and witnessed their fevers spike and them gasp for air. In the morning they didn’t want to eat or play. I just knew they were sicker than a typical virus. So when Vivienne was not acting like herself today yet again and Thomas was so beyond cranky for the 100th day, I almost didn’t call my doctor because this appointment would have been the 5th appointment in the past 8 days. I thought the doctor and staff would think I was crazy. But I had a gut feeling. I just knew my kids were really sick, so I followed my intuition and called to make the appointment.
Well after my doc examined Vivienne and then Thomas, he looked at me and said, “thank goodness you brought them in today. This could have turned into pneumonia by the end of the week and I want you to call me on Thursday to make sure you have seen improvements”.

YOU know your child. YOU know what’s best. YOU are the only one that can advocate for them. Always follow that gut feeling because mama’s intuition is truly a magical and powerful gift and it’s a REAL thing. Trust those instincts. Those instincts can tell you what to do long before your head figures it out.


Vivienne – Sinus infection and bronchitis

Eleanor- double ear infection

Thomas- sinus infection and bronchitis


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