Gift Guide: For The Kids

Of course I had to share a gift guide for the littles!

Christmas is so much more fun and magical when you have children. I do emphasize the true meaning of Christmas in my house which means trying to make it more about spending time with family and helping others in need; however, I wanted to share with you my children’s favorite toys and what is currently on their wish list.

Hope this is helpful for you!

A Gift Guide: For Kids

Ice Cream Play Set  – Viv & Elle LOVE their ice cream set… like obsessed and anyone who comes over wants to play with it.

Kitchen Set – We have this one. The kids LOVE it and I love it because it’s great quality, not on eye sore, it’s well made, and also very sleek looking. People come over and ask all the time where we got it.

Scooter – Vivienne has this scooter and loves it! We just ordered one for Eleanor this Christmas because she constantly wants to ride on Vivienne’s scooter. They both are obsessed and love it. (Click here for the helmet I picked out! Safety first.)

Pet Vet –  All Vivienne has been asking for is this Pet Vet Kit she saw when we were shopping in November. It’s number 1 on her list.

Stroller – Both my girls are obsessed with strollers and pushing their baby dolls and toys all around.

Hess Truck – Hess releases a new truck every year since the 70s (maybe even longer). You can actually go on their website and order any year you want. This year, we decided to start a tradition with Thomas that for every Christmas he will get that year’s Hess Truck. So of course, we got him 2018’s truck of the year!

Baby Alive – Eleanor wants THIS baby alive. Vivienne has one similar and they both love how they can actually change the diaper.

Elsa Dress – Vivienne and Eleanor dress up EVERY single day. They have so many dresses, but Eleanor needs a new Elsa dress and this is number 1 on her list. It’s all she asks for… ” Mommy I want a new Ehwsa dwess from Santa!”

LOL Surprise Doll House – Ok… let me be clear. I hate LOL Dolls! They are a pain to open, they have so many little pieces and just pieces in general, the actual dolls have sand or water or clay which always equals a mess in my house and on top of that Vivienne plays with them for like a day, and then she’s done. So I’ve basically banded them from the house… but for some reason, Vivienne has this on her list. I wanted to share with you their favorite toys and what’s on their list, and well, this is one of them. I keep telling her Santa is currently NOT making this house this year… but I’ll see how persistent she is! I am hoping she changes her mind!

Corolle Baby Doll – Vivienne and Eleanor’s first baby doll was the original Corolle doll (this one but they have the girl). No matter what new doll they get, Eleanor always goes back to her Corolla baby doll. She loves it. We were shopping the other day, and she found this doll. She just held on to it because her current Corolle cannot get wet, and she LOVED how you could bring this one in the water. She has a million other dolls that can get wet, but for some reason she was really into this one. I just love this brand so wanted to share!

Dress up Shoes – Like I said, my girls love to dress up and they of course love to accessorize. They have outgrown their current dress up shoes, so we are getting them these ones for Christmas.

Books – My girls love to read. We have this one book that my aunt gave to Vivienne when Eleanor was born and it’s called “Vivienne is a Big Sister”. It is the cutest book and she loves it. This option here, you can personalize as well, and I really think the kids love hearing their name in the books… at least my kids do! And I think it’s a great gift for a niece or nephew as well!

Legos – Vivienne just started getting into legos. We do need to help her with it and it’s something she enjoys doing together, but the little pieces scare me. We only do it in her room when Thomas is napping. She loves putting things together and taking them apart.

Puzzles – Another thing they love to do is a good puzzle!

Arts and Crafts – my girls LOVE arts and crafts.

Balls – Thomas is young, but we are still getting him a few things to open! He is the definition of a boy and he loves BALLS. So we are definitely going to get him some sporty balls to play with.

Octopus Ball Toy – We definitely will be getting this for Thomas as well!

VTech Sport Center – I think he will love this game!

Play – Doh – I almost forgot Eleanor’s favorite activity… play doh! I only allow this on occasion and it definitely makes a mess, but Elle loves playing with it. One of the few things that keeps her attention. I would recommend starting with this kit here.

Unicorn Shoulder Bag – Vivienne has a dog version of this and Eleanor wants one. They both love it.

Dust Sweep Mop – They love to help me clean and I don’t like them using my actual products. How great is this kid set?

Happy Shopping!

With all that being said, I want to leave you with a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas

I saw this on another bloggers feed and I wanted to share because it’s a great reminder.




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