Manhattan Will Always be Home

I just had turned 21 when I moved into the city. We dubbed my new place “The Hall Way Apartment” because it literally was a hall way, and I didn’t care. The city had already stolen my heart. It felt like home since I was 19 because my husband (boyfriend at the time) lived there and I always was at his place and going on auditions.

And at night, we always explored the concrete jungle- bar to bar, party to party, roof top to an apartment, club to lounge, the incredible restaurants, the speakeasies, the plays, the parks, the museums, the sheer thrill of getting amazing food delivered to you at 2am… the many stories I still hold onto. We were so young and I never thought I’d leave and I never wanted to. It was my home for many years and honestly the thought of the burbs made me cringe.
But 8 years passed and then we left.

Ever since, I’ve wanted to move back. It’s this whisper in my ear. I even tried to move back after our 3 year stay in Dallas, but this time around, we had 3 littles, and I got nervous. I allowed other people to project their fears of living in the city on to me. But Manhattan will forever be my home. When I’m there I just feel alive and feel this sense that something extraordinary will happen any minute, any day, any time.
And yes – we truly love where we live now. It’s an amazing place to raise a family and in my opinion, it’s one of the best suburbs you can live. My children are happy, my husband and I are both happy and we love our new town and our new friends.

But I still hear that whisper.

I’m not sure what it means. Maybe we are meant to move back soon or maybe in 20 years, or maybe never. I haven’t figured that part out and I’m not sure why I’m even sharing this with you guys, but one thing I know for sure is that somewhere between living and dreaming there’s New York. 🖤✨🏙✌🏻


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