Mom Guilt is for Real

My daughters
My daughters

I’ve heard my mom mention it before, but I never truly understood it until I had kids.

Mom guilt is for real, but WHY do we do it to ourselves?? It really can ruin someone’s self esteem or happiness. Being a mother is hard enough, so why do we add the extra pressure of mom guilt? The stress of trying to get every single thing checked off the never ending to do list. Feeling unaccomplished if you can’t get to the laundry or the piles of dishes in the sink. Calling yourself lazy for not picking up the toys all over the living room. Feeling like the worst mother on earth for giving your child mac and cheese for the second night in a row. Feeling judged every time you’re late or forget to respond to a text/email. Feeling guilty if you hire a sitter to just have some you time or to do work. Second guessing every decision you are making for your children… why do we do it?

After having two kids, I’ve come to realize you can’t stress on the little things and most importantly, you can’t do it all. It’s physically impossible. The never ending lists, piles of laundry, and dirty dishes will always be there. Kids are messy and make you late and when it’s dinner time, they certainly don’t need organic home made meals every night. Responding to emails/texts is a joke and when you need alone time, take it. It’s Ok. But most importantly, trust yourself. You know what’s best for your child, so go with your gut. Follow your intuition and stop comparing yourself to everyone else. No one is perfect. No one can do it all.

We live in a world where people judge and compare one another and the mom guilt is derived from that. But everyone is different. And no one is perfect. If you don’t feel like going to the store, then don’t. You can go tomorrow. It’s completely fine to put your errands aside and take your kids to the beach or park and pick up McDonald’s on the way home. And it’s definitely ok to hire a sitter when you need a break. Go get yourself a pedicure or go out to dinner. You deserve it. And if you’ve had a long stressful day, break out the wine. Just do you and don’t put so much pressure on yourself. We are only human and as long as our children are happy and fed, everything else can wait.


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