My Winter Make up Essentials

1 Tarte – Water Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF  2. Tarte – Concealer  3. Tarte- Park Ave Princess MATTE Bronzer  4. Tarte – Park Ave Princess Bronzer  5. Tarte Blush – Seduce   6. Too Faced – Flush Blush 7. Benefit Blush- Rockateur   8. Too Faced – Eye Shadow  9. Tarte Mascara 10. Lancome Eye liner 11. Brush set


My Winter Make Up Routine

I love make up! I have different products and colors for different seasons, but today I am sharing my winter make up. I use these brands every day and truly love them. I am always trying new brands, but I always come back to my basics.

The Tarte Water Foundation – this foundation is literally weightless and goes on so nicely. I use Light Medium Sand in the winter.

Tarte Concealer – I always have a little red on my skin in the winter and I also have circles under my eyes because… duh, 3 kids! I love the coverage of this concealer and I never have break outs. And when I do… this concealer covers them nicely! In the winter, I use color Medium Neutral.

Tarte Matte Bronzer – I love a good bronzer. Generally I use Nars Laguna, but in the winter I have turned to the tarte matte bronzer Park Ave Princess. Matte means no shimmer, and in the winter you have to be careful with the shimmer! This matte bronzer just gives a nice natural color to your pale winter skin.

Tarte Bronzer – This is also Park Ave Princess but with the shimmer. I sometimes use this as a high lighter, or if I’m going out to a party. It adds a nice shimmer that is not overwhelming for the winter months.

Tarte Blush– Can you tell I am on a Tarte kick? I again, love Nars in the summer, but I tend to switch to Tarte in the winter. The color I use is seduce or I use concept which has a nice shimmer.

Too Faced Flush Blush – This is perfect for a high lighter after you want to add a little “color” shimmer to your face.

Benefit Blush – I am a huge fan of benefit. I do have a lot of their blushes and bronzers and use them often, but this one I love to use if I need more of a bronze look and don’t want a very pink cheek.

Too Faced Eye Shadow – I cannot find this pallet anywhere. I guess they stopped making it, but I am obsessed with these colors. I use them all the time. I love a good smokey eye and in this one, it tells you what color to use when you want to do a smokey eye for the day or for the night. I linked a similar option and that has some of the colors of the one above.

Tarte Mascara – I try new mascaras ALL the time. I never stick with the same one, but right now I am loving this taste mascara and I highly recommend!

Lancome Eye Liner Pencil – I am not big into eye liner, but use it every day for my routine. I have been using this specific one since I started doing makeup because my mother uses it. I have tried others but this one, in my opinion and for what I use it for, is the best.

Sephora Brush Set – You can get a brush set anywhere, but if you do decide to get one, buy one that has all the tools you need for all of your makeup needs. This specific set has it all and for a reasonable price and the brush quality is very good.

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