New Engagement Ring After 6 Years of Marriage

New Engagement Ring After 6 Years of Marriage


No, I’m not newly engaged. I’ve actually been married for almost 6 years to the love of my life, however, recently my engagement ring was crushed (literally crushed) while on my finger. It was the weirdest situation because my ring is platinum, well made, and of high quality so I still don’t fully understand how this happened.

Like any other day, I dropped Vivienne off at preschool and as I was exiting the building carrying Eleanor on my hip, I grabbed the metal handle to push open the big door which leads outside to the parking lot. As I was walking to the car, I felt my finger start to tingle as if I was just stung by a bee. I didn’t even look down because it was a cold day and about to rain so I quickly rushed to the car and strapped Ellie in her carseat. As I was turning the key in the ignition, my finger started to really hurt so I glanced down and finally saw that my engagement ring had been crushed on my finger.

I started to panic because I realized the main diamond was very loose AND most of the outer diamonds in the setting had been completely crushed. What if my main diamond fell out when I was walking to the car?!

As I’m trying to process what had just happened, I needed to get my compressed ring off of my finger. I struggled to pull it off, but after a good two minutes of tugging, the ring finally budged and came off my finger. It left my knuckle bleeding and me an emotional mess. Not only was I worried about the diamond itself, but this was MY engagement ring of 6 years! 7 years if you include the year I was engaged. It had a lot of sentimental value and I couldn’t believe what just had happened.

I called my husband who at first didn’t even believe me. I mean who ever heard of someone opening a door and having their ring compress onto their finger? I just was so upset about the whole situation.

My husband and I wanted to upgrade my rings at our 10 year anniversary, but because of the situation, we were forced to make a decision. Either pay a decent amount to fix the ring itself or pay a tad extra and get a slight upgrade. Because I have the most amazing husband, he and I went to the jewelers and designed my new engagement ring.

After leaving the jewelers, I broke down in Tom’s car. I was (and still am) so grateful and fortunate that I was able to design a new beautiful diamond ring, but I also felt that we just closed a chapter by saying good bye to my first engagement ring. The whole situation made me look back at the last 6 years of marriage and brought me back to when Tom asked me to marry him. It made me realize we have grown up so much and created such a beautiful life together. It was a humbling moment.

I feel so blessed and loved in so many ways so wanted to share my beautiful new ring, but also pay tribute to my first. 💍

I’m also blessed to have an amazing marriage for almost 6 years. For tips on how we make time for one another, click here or visit


New Engagement Ring After 6 Years of Marriage
^August 6th, 2011
New Engagement Ring After 6 Years of Marriage
^April 23, 2017


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