Star Spangled Banner | America’s National Anthem | Standing for the Troops

The Star Spangled Banner – Our National Anthem

The Star Spangled Banner. One of my favorite songs to sing – Our National Anthem.

I grew up singing this song at baseball games, basketball games, football games, softball games, people’s living rooms, backyard BBQs… you name it! I grew up singing the National Anthem.

When I sing this patriotic song, I think about my grandfather, a World War II Vetran.

I think about all the veterans and our troops, the past, present, and even future. I think about our soldiers, our army, our navy. The ones that selflessly put their lives on the line for all of us.
I think about the ones that don’t get to meet their newborn baby or never get the chance to celebrate their children’s birthdays or never get to cheer for their child’s first home run. The ones that miss their child’s first ballet recital and do not get the chance to celebrate their anniversary.

I think about the solider that may never get to see their loved ones again.

I think about our freedom and the brave men and women who made it possible to live in this country – the land of the free and home of the brave.

When I sing this song, I think about THEM. It’s never about me and it’s always about them.

I don’t get political. It’s not my thing, especially now a days because people just bash other people. But I needed to say something on this topic.

I get being angry and frustrated, but what happened to respect? What happened to the love?

So while both sides keep having their tantrums, I’ll keep singing this song and stand up proudly and give respect to our brave men and women who made it possible for me to even have an opinion and express it the way I see fit.

I am an American.

Note: I can sing this song much better if I wasn’t almost 17 weeks pregnant… it’s hard to expand the diaphragm when you have a baby inside. Also my 1 year old kept running around but this clip is real, raw, and I needed to post


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