This is 30 – My Perfect Birthday Weekend

This birthday was a big one!

I don’t tell a lot of people my age because everyone I hang out with generally is older than me. I’m always the youngest in the room. Tom and I married young (though he is 4 years older than me) and had kids young, but my soul has always felt older. When people hear my age sometimes they act differently. But when one of my best friends found out my age, she was like “girl I would shout that on a roof top as loud as I possibly can…” 😂

WELL I’m taking her advice because I just turned 30 on December 2nd!

So THIS is 30. My amazing husband pulled off the best birthday weekend ever! And leading up to it, I had so much anxiety about turning 30. I generally don’t care about getting older, but this was a big one. I felt like I wanted to accomplish so much more in my twenties and that turning thirty was the end.

Today, I woke up feeling so at ease and so blessed and also so excited for what is yet to come. I have 3 beautiful children, a beautiful marriage, a beautiful house, and a beautiful life. Turning 30 is not the end of my dreams, but the beginning. This milestone has made me realize that I miss performing because it was such a huge part of my life that faded away after having kids. So I’m going to start performing again because I CAN and because this is 30.

Today on my birthday, I am feeling energized and ready to take on my dreams. I’m a wife and a mother, but that doesn’t mean my dreams need to fade away. My family is my biggest accomplishment, but it’s also so easy to get lost in the day to day chaos of life with littles. When you stop putting yourself last, everything around you becomes brighter and you can take on the world.

So this is 30 and I think 30 never looked better!


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