Top 8 Favorite Spring Nail Colors (New and Old)

I love getting my nails done and I’m very particular about the colors I choose. I generally stick to neutral tones unless I’m going somewhere tropical. In which case, I pick a deep but vibrant color that pops. My absolute favorite nail color is Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI. I wear it most of the time and during all 4 seasons, but not everyone agrees on this topic. I do have other colors I love and I have specific ones that I only like for certain seasons. Here are my favorite Spring/Summer nail colors.

    1. Fiji by Essie – A classic color by Essie and one of my staples. This opaque pale pink is perfect for Spring weather.
    2. Sand Tropez by Essie – Another classic color by Essie and a staple of mine. It’s the perfect color for transitioning from winter to spring. It’s a soft sand beige that has a classy feel but is also trendsetting.
    3. Chinchilly by Essie – This sleek granite nail polish radiates urban chic and subtle sophistication. Another great transitional color from winter to spring.
    4. Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI – As I mentioned, LPAD is my favorite nail color. I wear this color 85% of the time and I also wear it year round. It’s dark, edgy, but yet has this classic feel. I usually gravitate toward deeper and darker colors since I’m fair with blonde hair. Regardless, this color is a must have.
    5. Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around by OPI – One of my favorite nude colors. Great for spring/summer.
    6. Taupe-Less-Beach by OPI – One of my favorite taupe colors. A must have!
    7. Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon by OPI – This is on my list of colors to test out for summer. I don’t usually recommend something unless I have tried it, but on the outside, I really love this color. It looks like a deeper Fiji and I always love a pretty hibiscus pink in the summer… if anyone has used it. Let me know!
    8. Geranium by Essie – I don’t usually wear reds, but if I do and it’s Spring/Summer, I tend to go more orangey red. This color by Essie is fun, playful, and simply gorgeous. I like to wear it when I’m going somewhere tropical, but also when I want to change up my staple neutral color tones. It’s definitely a favorite of mine.


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