We Bought a Fixer Upper – The Renovation

Why we Decided to Buy A Fixer Upper:

My husband and I bought a fixer upper.

When we were in the process of buying our house in Greenwich, CT I was 8 months pregnant, just moved in with my parents from Dallas TX with 2 toddlers and a dog AND it was December so almost nothing was on the market. I was desperate and wanted a house… so we bought a house.

That being said, I LOVE our neighborhood and I love our town, but we bought this house knowing we would need more space. Again, nothing was on the market when we were looking and this house had good bones and I saw the potential. Plus it was in a fantastic neighborhood, but we had to sacrifice space knowing it wouldn’t be forever.

According to our realtor, we got a hell of a deal since it was a fixer upper, and we will make decent money on it.

SO we purchased a fixer upper and plan on fixing it up, while learning the neighborhoods in our new town and also figuring out where we really want to live and buy our long term house in 3 years.

The Renovations:

I have a pretty good eye, but knowing this isn’t our forever house it’s a constant battle between updating the house and making it functional, but also understanding that it is not our forever home and we don’t just want to throw cash where we won’t get a return.

There are so many things I would do to this house, but again, we need to be smart.

Phase 1:

Currently we have painted the whole interior and exterior. Purchased and stained a new front door. Updated all kitchen appliances, updated bathroom appliances in the downstairs half bath, redone all of our hardwood floors, completely redesigned the fireplace and added a mantel, made a mud room with tile and built ins and added an office with built ins and updated plumbing (this was an expense we didn’t plan on spending, but it needed to get done since we had an issue, but now it’s all fixed). Lastly, not to forget, all the decorative pieces and new furniture we purchased.

Phase 2:

Phase two is updating the master bathroom, along with the kids bathroom, finishing the basement and making it into another playroom, and also adding lighting and new carpeting to master bedroom. We also plan on getting all new blinds for all of our windows. This will be started soon.

Here are a few photos of what we have done.

My kitchen – we just updated appliances, but if this was a long term house I would redo the layout.


This photo is a quick shot of our family room when we just had moved in. See the old blinds, old floors, old fireplace, and old furniture. Sorry about the lighting but it was taken at night.
When we were voting on Instagram (@ModishMel) to have side table or no side table. Everyone said no side table.

Couch is linked here.

Family Room behind the couch.
We just had put in the new front door and the new tile but no built ins yet. I wish I had a before pic, but it was SO bad before that we did this before we even moved in. There was gross brown carpet with gold painted walls and the front door was bright red – so horrible.
Our new office. We need to decorate it and add a rug and chair, but the built ins made it look awesome.


My Master Bedroom
Deciding what carpet I want to put into the master


Trying to figure out what to do with this little nook in my bedroom. Do I make it into a little office/creative space for me or maybe put a vanity for makeup and jewelry, maybe do both… office/vanity?


Vivienne’s bedroom – I need to get an updated photo with art work on walls. And I will add Eleanor’s and Thomas’ bedroom.



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