We’re Pregnant with Baby Number 4!




How many weeks are you? 

I’m due in June 2021, but they don’t have an exact date yet because it was difficult to get an accurate measurement with my scar tissue due to my past 3 c sections. The heart beat was very strong though. From what they can see, they think I’m around 8-10weeks. I go again on Monday for a more accurate measurement and I can’t wait! 

Are you finding out the gender?

No! Vivienne was a surprise and it was such an out of body experience, and so so special. However, we found out gender for Eleanor and Thomas which was equally as fun, but just different. Tom wants to find out for this time, but said he will do whatever I want SO surprise it is! 

Do you have a feeling what you’re having?

I think it’s a boy! Everyone is different but for me, the girls pregnancies were so similar and Thomas’ pregnant was so different I knew immediately I was having a boy. This time around, it feels exactly like Thomas’ pregnancy so I’m saying boy! But I could totally be wrong, so we shall see. 

How are you feeling? Do you have morning sickness?

I am extremely tired. It feels like a heaviness and it’s hard to get through the day without laying down. I’m only nauseous when I’m hungry, but if I eat I feel fine and I’m always hungry… like starving! I also have had bad migraines. I was exactly the same with Thomas. With the girls, food was gross to me and I did not have an appetite and was nauseous until 23 weeks. I also had way more aversions. 

Do you have any cravings?

I have had a bagel a day since I’ve found out. I’ve been craving it and it fills me up. I also have been eating a jar of almond butter like weekly. I’m not sure why! Also the cliche, I have been wanting pickles… hot pickles, salty pickles, sweet pickles… but they have to be crunchy. Haha but that’s really it! 

Are you exercising? 

I haven’t yet in the first trimester because I just have had no energy and don’t want to push it. The other day I took Archie for a 3 mile walk and collapsed when I came home. I ended up getting one of the worst migraines and had to go straight to bed. So I’m going to put working out on hold for now, but hope to start back up when I get my energy back and im out of the first trimester. It’s so important to listen to your body! 

Is this pregnancy different or similar to your other pregnancies?

I think it feels exactly like Thomas’ pregnancy, which is why I am guessing boy! For the girls, I was SOOOO nauseous. I couldn’t even look at food and I thought everything looked gross. Nothing ever looked appetizing. Also smells would make me run to the toilet. I was tired but what stood out the most was the constant feeling of needing to throw up. Nausea lasted for both girl pregnancies until about 23 weeks. For looks, I never got acne except for a few weeks on my back (apparently when the girls were developing ovaries). I was definitely more bloated with the girls and got bigger everywhere. I use the word “wider”. Now, for Thomas’ pregnancy, all I wanted to do was eat. I was hungry 24/7 and if I let my hunger go, I would become nauseous. I craved meats and cheeses and just had an enormous appetite. I also got acne all over my face for the first trimester and the exhaustion was heavy. I also gained weight faster, but it was more in my belly than anywhere else. This pregnancy, feels exactly like Thomas’, though, I do feel like I am more bloated this time around and this exhaustion seems more extreme, but it probably has to do with the fact that I have 3 kids to take care of. Regardless, I can’t wait to be surprised and meet this little human inside of me!

Do you know the name or have any names you like? Trying to think of some for me.

For a boy, we have it narrowed down to three names and are pretty certain which one we are going to choose but don’t want to share until birth. For a girl, we are all over the place! 

Were you trying to get pregnant and how long did it take?

This is a tough question and can trigger people because I truly sympathize with the ones who struggle with fertility. I also have close friends who have gone through the journey and some who are still going through the journey of infertility. So I can only speak to my experience, and for me, no we were not trying. This was a complete shock and total surprise. I came off of birth control in July because I have a thyroid issue that needed to be diagnosed. My husband and I were SUPER careful and truly did everything in our power not to get pregnant, and we somehow got pregnant. We were so shocked. We know it’s a blessing, and we are very grateful but it definitely took a second to let it all set in. 

How did you know you were pregnant?

I didn’t! It was so not on my radar! One night we had friends over talking about how they were trying for a baby. From that convo, I realized I was late for my period so later that night (pretty tipsy too) decided to take a test to just get it out of my head… I truly thought it was going to be negative. When I saw the two faint lines that read POSITIVE, I collapsed to the floor. Tom came in and was like what’s wrong and then asked if it was a fake test… That’s how shocked we were. Then I took another test that was digital and it read “pregnant”. We were seriously so shocked. I cried for three days straight, but now we truly are so grateful and happy and just feel like it was meant to be. There is never a perfect time to get pregnant, and if it was up to me… maybe I never would have gone for it. I’ve always wanted a big family, and I really feel like I can do it. 

Are you using your old baby stuff or buying new?

Our baby stuff is pretty worn and has been used for 3 kids. We will definitely be buying new and mixing in some of the old. I also know what I need and what is practical. For the first child there were so many things I had that I never even touched and were so unnecessary. I feel like I’m a veteran and know exactly what I need. We will be buying a new car seat and stroller for sure, but also a new bouncer and some newer products that are now on the market. I’ll be posting about all the baby products in a separate post. 

Are you done with having kids?

I’m not sure why people always ask this! I have said since the time I was little I wanted 5 kids, but that’s before I had kids. Right now, I’m good with 4, but I am not ready to say I’m “done” but I totally could be! So this answer… TBD.

How are you managing having THREE kids and being pregnant? I have one child and I feel like I can’t handle it!

It’s definitely rough! I am trying to give myself some grace and just listen to my body. If I need to lay down on the couch and let the kids make a mess, that’s what I’m going to do. It’s ok to have movie days or iPad time. Also it’s been such a blessing having my husband home during this time. He has truly stepped up and is really helping me through this time. I’m not letting the mom guilt get to me this time. I know it’s only a phase and this time will pass.


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